Imagine a bustling Monday evening at a crowded bus station, where commuters are rushing to their destinations. In the midst of this chaos, a famous musician takes out his guitar and plays for over 45 minutes. With his incredible talent and beautiful music, several people stop by to calm their nerves after a long day of work. Despite having just played a sold-out concert where tickets cost $1000 each, the musician gives his audience a free soul-inspiring experience in the bus station.

Similarly, God’s wisdom is available to all of us in the midst of our busy lives. It calls out to us in the crowded streets of the world, urging us to embrace its soul-inspiring teachings. Wisdom waits at life’s busy intersections and crossroads, imploring us to give up our foolish ways and follow its path. In Proverbs 1:20-22 and Proverbs 8:1-6, wisdom is personified as a woman calling out in the street. How much greater is Jesus Christ’s claim on us as He does the same? He extends his hands and calls us to come to Him for rest and eternal life. As we journey through life, let us listen carefully to His call and follow Him in the joy of eternal life.

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