What exactly is the blessing that Psalm 1 spoke about? What are the goodness and the mercy of Psalm 23? What is the eternal life of John 3:16 in the face of all these?
The answer is found somewhere at the beginning where God told Abraham: I am your exceedingly great REWARD!

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Dream Again

How long have you waited that it seems as if you should throw in the towel and accuse God? Or have you started thinking of doing it your way having waited for these past years for that desire, dream, and petition to come to fulfillment without any result? Permit me to say that, now is not the time to let go. Rather, it is the time to hold on to God’s promises.

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The Pain of Waiting

God would never disappoint us. He would surely do what He has promised. He would never let us down. All we need to do is to trust Him for who He is. We must believe everything He had told us. Though it may be painful and stressful to wait, keep waiting for He will surely come.

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