The three verbs—walk, stand and sit— show the slippery slope of evil. Evil is not passive. It is ever descending. The longer you go, the worse you get. A pattern of evil choices causes a downward spiral in character that leads to destruction.

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Giving thanks: my duty

In whatever situation you are, make it a habit to give thanks to God. Giving thanks to God is your gift to God as you expect more from Him. Make it a responsibility to give God your gratitude.

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Draw strength from God

We can only do all things through Christ that strengthens us. Drawing strength from God is not a difficult task. All we need is to get closer enough, open our hearts to God, and listen.

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God’s timing is the best

Sometimes, when God places an idea, vision, or blueprint in our hearts, it is for us to prepare ourselves and not necessarily spring into immediate action. While we can’t hasten God’s timing, it is important we know that we can slow it down.

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Always speak life

Many people are compelled to give voice to any passing feeling, thought or impression they have. They randomly dump the contents of their mind without regard to the significance of what they are saying Our words are powerful and could determine the future.

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