Luke 6:12-16. And it came to pass in those days, that he went out into a mountain to pray, and continued all night in prayer to God. And when it was day, he called unto him his disciples: and of them, he chose twelve, whom also he named apostles; Simon, (whom he also named Peter,) and Andrew his brother, James and John, Philip and Bartholomew, Matthew and Thomas, James the son of Alphaeus, and Simon called Zelotes, And Judas the brother of James, and Judas Iscariot, which also was the traitor.

God in His sovereignty has a lot of good things and plans for his children but there are some inherent behaviors like bad attitudes, greed, pride, etc. that stand as a stumbling block on our way to fulfilling God’s ordained plans for our lives.

Jesus Christ called his disciple for a special purpose. He did not choose everyone as a disciple but the selected. He chose people who will replicate him after he has finished his assignment on earth and named them apostles.

He called this set of people to be ministers of the gospel but one among them erred and failed in discharging his duty. The Bible refers to Judas Iscariot as a traitor. He became a betrayer because he allowed greediness, love of money, material things, and the cares of this world to steal God’s plan and purpose for him.

My question to you is this, ‘who are you becoming?’

Is the environmental factors turning you into a fornicator, traitor, murderer, gossiper, and greedy person? Who you become is a choice you made irrespective of what the situation looks like. You have the power to become the good person that the Lord has called you to be. Your decision to stay with God should be fueled by the grace of God through prayers and devotions so that you will not bow to the pressure of the surroundings.

This is the word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord: “Go down to the potter’s house, and there I will give you my message.” So I went down to the potter’s house, and I saw him working at the wheel. But the pot he was shaping from the clay was marred in his hands; so the potter formed it into another pot, shaping it as seemed best to him.

This verse identifies some clay made into fine artwork while some were marred and the Potter remoulded them to the shape that he wanted. This implies that some people are currently in perfect shape in God’s hands while some may need some reshaping.

Notwithstanding the stage you are, in the process; your present state does not define you, but its effect is crucial. Do not stop giving God the chance to do the fixing on you because the product of this experience will become beautiful.

Are you growing, developing into a better relationship with Christ or it’s widening out? Total release to the work of the cross is needed. The end matters more than the beginning.

Kindly pause to reflect on your spiritual status and be intentional about the steps you take subsequently to make it better. Return to the potter, and rededicate yourself to His will.

To those who feel hopeless, you are not who your inclination suggests you are because Christ is right beside you. Talk to him about your fears and receive encouragement.

Finally,  pray about those bad characters and work on their defeat. Keep working on becoming who the Lord wants you to be. God bless you.

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