In Galatians 5:16-17, it is advised to follow the Spirit’s path to avoid giving in to our fleshly desires. The flesh and the Spirit are at odds with one another, making it impossible to do what we want when we walk in the flesh. Walking in the Spirit is not just a one-time occurrence, but a way of life that involves following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. When we walk in the Spirit, our actions reflect our identity as children of God. This requires complete obedience to the Spirit and the Lord’s teachings. Our connection with God is only possible through the Spirit. 

Enoch was known for walking with God, and God took him according to Genesis 5:24. It’s possible to serve God for years without walking in the Spirit, as seen in Eli’s sons in 1 Samuel 2:30. The Holy Spirit’s role in our lives is determined by our willingness to cooperate with Him. Walking in the Spirit means allowing the Spirit to control our speech, character, and behavior. Some disregard the Holy Spirit, while others postpone their fellowship with Him or argue with Him. One cannot continue to contest with someone and expect them to guide them. Failing to listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance can lead to suffering, as mentioned in Ephesians 4:30.

To follow the path that God has set before us, we must walk with the Holy Spirit’s blueprint. Absalom’s haste led to his untimely demise. Being attentive to the Spirit’s voice is crucial. To maintain a consistent relationship with the Holy Spirit, we must study God’s Word, pray fervently, and maintain a regular fasting routine.

Let us pray that the Lord helps us walk with Him and enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirit.

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