Daniel 5:11-16
When God decides to send us help, he does it through various human beings who either surround us and we know or people we may not even know. We are God’s favored children and he usually goes to any extent to see that we are always satisfied with good things.
However, it is important that the lives we live is worthy of recommendation. Sometimes, when God needs to give us a shift in any sphere of life, he necessarily does not have to give us more money, houses or some other material things. Such recommendations that will change our story forever is one of those tools that God uses at times to turn our lives around.
Daniel occupied a vital position in the kingdom of Babylon because he was a problem solver. This was a major factor in his recommendation.
When you see a problem, be responsible. Don’t start complaining, there is an answer in you. People gather around solutions and problem solvers, not around those who give up.
A man that lacks recommendations will be in obscurity. Whatever opportunity you have, make sure you utilize it well. Do whatever task is committed into your hands well. Your recommendation in the future might depend on it.

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