Every inventor, manufacturer and artist have a master plan for their creativity. They desire that their subject will look exactly as it is predetermined. It is most frustrating if the reverse is the case. Sometimes, they have to work on it several times over until they get the desired outcome.

Similarly, God desires that we look like Him, be like Him, and act like Him in every respect. However, when sin came into the picture, we got separated from that very image.

Therefore, God went ahead to bring in the law and the prophets to teach man what he should do and what not to do so that we can fully be like Him. But we could not meet up with the standard of God’s righteousness. The man continues to struggle to please God until God said it is enough!

Based on His Master Plan, he came as flesh, paid the ransom, broke the fundamental curse and redeemed us back to Him. His redemptive work was, however, subject to our acceptance of His will for us. When we accept His Master Plan of redemption, we become free of all condemnations (Romans 8:1) and free from all oppressions (John 8:36).

No longer do we strive to do good or avoid sin. We live above sin because the life that we now live is Christ who lives in us (Galatians 2:20). We only need to yield our bodies as instruments of righteousness unto God (Romans 6:13). We have a regenerated (newborn) spirit.

The Master Plan is perfected when we manifest what Christ has done in us and through us. Our devotion to prayers, the study of God’s word, and fellowship with brethren will make this manifestation an easy experience. The world is waiting to see us live truly like our Father, and now is the time to make our maker proud. (Romans 8:19).

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