Leviticus 24:10-end
The story of Shelomith recorded in the above passage is an intriguing one.  Shelomith was briefly mentioned in the Bible for our admonition. She chose to partner maritally with a man who did not worship her God. The marriage was consummated and bore the fruit of a son. But she lost that child painfully because the marriage was a wrong partnership.
A partnership can be defined to include, persons we choose as participation counterparts, contract buddies, business, friendship, house and love relations.
We are designed to have social interactions. Relationships are cardinal in our existence. Hence, we must pay diligent attention to our relationships; both whom we relate with and how we choose to relate with them.
Here are some lessons we should learn from Shelomith’s tale:

  • You can choose your partner but you can’t determine how that choice will affect your future. Paul advised us to avoid unequal yokes, it is because the ploughing will be rough and unyielding if we do. 2Cor.6:14
  • Shelomith did not see it coming; that the son of the man she married might one day cause her pain. She probably thought If the man was good to her, the rest would be fine, she never bargained for the outcome. In choosing our partner, we must be ready to enjoy or endure what is waiting ahead.
  • Only healthy partners share all aspects of each other’s life. Whatever kind of partner a believer intends to travel with, he must be one whose life mirrors the Christ to whom we are wholly devoted. Such a one will be an open book and will not cost us pain in the future.
  • Your partner is a reflection of who you are. We walk with the Spirit of God so we can reflect the person of Christ. Our day-to-day partners must also be thus. Don’t go into business with a person with faulty character, the day that person misbehaves, you’ll share the brunt.
  • Lastly, pick a partner you are willing to pay the price for. There is always a sacrifice to pay in every relationship.

God paid the price of giving His Son Jesus Christ and He expects us to pay the price of faith in Him. John 3:16. In like manner, there is always a price when we enter a partnership business with anyone. Don’t risk it! If you are not ready to pay the cost for that relationship, don’t venture into it, remember Shelomith.
Shelomith’s price was her son, every time you go into a relationship, ask yourself, what price am I willing to pay to keep this partnership?
1. Pray for clarity of mind for every choice you will be making. Pro.3:3-5
2. Renounce partners you chose but haven\’t been able to break away from e.g. people, and bad habits. Col. 3:5
3. Ask for grace to positively influence your association. Pro.27:17
4. Commits personal desires to God. Psalms 37:4

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