Scripture for the day: James 4:7

The phrase ‘resist the devil’ is found in James 4:7, where an Apostle called  James encouraged believers to resist the devil so that he could flee from them. Resisting the devil is an act of gaining victory and standing against his will. Being able to resist something means we have power over that thing. There comes a time in our Christian walk, we are faced with challenges that leave us with the option of either accepting or resisting. Resisting the devil is not a physical fight but a spiritual one. For it takes a spiritual man to understand the things of the spirit.
Today’s bible focus says: submit yourself therefore to god resist the devil and he will flee”. To make the resistance easy, there is a need to submit to God. The struggle does not come easy, it comes at a cost; it might be friends, family, appetite, will, pleasure, fame, etc.

The battle begins when he proposes one or more shades of sinful acts and you are left to make a choice.  The choice could be right or wrong. Whatever form the sin may take, remember to always resist!

Be sensitive to his deceptions and lies even when painted beautifully. Be mindful of the craftiness of the enemy, do not fall for its pranks.


1) God’s word: Eph 6:13-18 indicates that one of the ways to resist the devil is to put on the full armor of God. A great example of this is Jesus. He defeated the devil with the word of God when he was tempted. He did not fall for the craftiness of the devil and he became victorious. As believers, we also should be intentional about the study of the scriptures. Read, study and meditate on it so that it will be engraved in our hearts to withstand pressures.

2) Prayer: the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Prayer is a powerful weapon to resist the devil. Be a person of prayer. Never joke with regular communication with God.

3) Humility of heart: God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. The humility of the heart comes with total submission to God. A disobedient believer cannot resist the devil.

4) Persistent faith and belief: you must stand firm on what you believe. Do not fall for Devil’s deceptions because they may come in different forms.

Examples of men that resisted the devil:

1) Jesus: Matt 4:1-11- The devil came himself to tempt Jesus but he resisted him with the word of God.

2) Job: his wife and friends suggested that he should curse God but he refused to yield to their sayings. Job 2:9-10.

3) Daniel: he proposed in his heart not to defile himself with the king’s delicacies even when they looked so yummy.

4) Joseph: Potiphar’s wife attempted to lie with her but he refused to sin. Even if Potiphar didn’t know, God saw him.

In conclusion, the devil can only flee when we resist him. Resisting the devil comes from total submission to God. May the Lord grant us the grace to resist the devil at all costs.

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