Tara and King got married last valentine’s day. Today is their wedding anniversary. They would not have celebrated today if not for what they discovered during their divorce counselling.

After five years of marriage, Tara could no longer endure the tension in their marriage. Hence she opted for quitting the marriage. She filed for a divorce, and counselling was set up for them.

King was a very loving and disciplined man who would go to any length to present his love to his beloved wife. However, King lacked control of his finance and owed lots of money on credit card loans. Finance was a major cause of tension in their marriage. Hence, they lived daily arguing about money. Another challenge was recurrent pregnancy loss that prevented the marriage from producing a baby. They both felt frustrated for their failure to raise a family. They concluded that they were probably not compatible.

Since they were on the path of divorce, they went through different routines of counselling. The wise counsellor asked a question that turned things around. The counsellor asked, “hey Tara, what is the most beautiful word that attracted you to King?” It had been five years; Tara could not forget that word, then she said,” well, he had been trying to date me for three years. He would send my friends to me, but I was not just ready. One day I thought about considering him in my life, and we went out on a date on valentine’s day. Then he told me, Tara, I love you, and I know that love never fails. I didn’t stop thinking about that statement, “Love never fails.” I decided¬† to marry him.” The counsellor thanked her for the answer. They fixed another date for another counselling session.

‘On the next day for King’s appointment with the counsellor. The counsellor asked him, “what is it that you admire most about Tara.” King thought for a moment and replied, “she usually reminds me that I told her that I love her and love never fail.” The counsellor scheduled a joint session with them.

In the joint counselling session, the counsellor told them I want you two to go home and think about what the statement “Love never fails” means to you. “Please write down your thoughts and bring them back to our next session.”

This task was the turning point! Tara could not hold herself as she sobbed when the Holy Spirit made her understand 1Corinthian 13:4-8. She decided to forgive King and hold on to loving him.

King admitted that he was wrong by not listening to his wife and not praying enough for their marriage. He told Tara that she should forgive him and let them work together because he loves her and loves never fails.

They both went to the counsellor and told her that they were no longer divorcing because love never fails, and their love will not fail them.

Lovers do have challenges, but they are not insurmountable. The beauty of love is that it has the power to heal wounds, forgive and uphold a relationship. LOVE NEVER FAILS.

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