The Bible, in Matthew 5:14, says that we are the light of the world. The verse further explains that a city placed on a hill can’t be hidden. Similarly, Matthew 5:16 encourages us to let our light shine before others so that they may witness our good deeds and glorify our heavenly Father. 


Light is unique in that it eliminates darkness. Jesus called us the light of the world because the world is filled with immense darkness. However, we can eradicate this darkness by letting our light shine. Even though darkness may have persisted for a long time, the emergence of light can change the narrative. 


We can let our light shine in various ways. For instance, our behavior and character play a crucial role. It’s essential to be kind and merciful in a world filled with cruelty, and we should be willing to give and make sacrifices when everyone else is seeking their own interests. 


We can also use our position or influence to achieve God’s purpose. Esther, King Ahasuerus’s wife, is an excellent example of someone who shone her light to rescue the Jews from the enemy’s threat. Esther interceded on behalf of the Jews, and God granted them victory. Her light illuminated the darkness, and all the Jews benefited from it.

So, let’s focus on letting our light shine today. Let’s be kind, merciful, and generous. Let’s use our influence to make a difference in the world and achieve God’s purpose. By doing so, we can eradicate darkness and make this world a brighter place.


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