Every word of God proves true. He is a shield to all who come to him for protection. Proverbs 30:5

Have you ever held on to a promise from a close friend who eventually disappointed you? Perhaps you might have said something with the hope that you would hold unto your word, but you couldn’t fulfill your word. It is true that we fail many times to keep our word. Although we often feel bad for not being able to be true to our words, there are many situations beyond our control that make it difficult for us to keep our promises.

God is unlike us! He never fails his word. Many times we view God from our human lens such that we assume that something would happen that would make God fail in His word. The mistake of our imagination is that God is supreme and has no limitations. There are no situations beyond his control. He can keep his word and would never fail in that capability.

Perhaps you want to argue that there are some situations in the scripture where God changed His word. Permit me to say that your argument may be similar to that of Jonah. You remember that Jonah refused to preach at Nineveh because he knew that God could forgive the Ninevith if they repented, a situation that could make Jonah’s prophesies fail. So, he would not want to make the people repent to avoid being called a fake prophet. The mistake of Jonah is that God is bound by the principles of keeping His word. None of His words can fail. Hence, even when a negative prophecy is revealed, there is a condition of repentance and conversation with God that would turn things around. The truthfulness of God to His word will surely prevail. God will never fail.

Doubting God’s word is not limited to you. Almost every human must have doubted God’s word at some point. Our doubt of God’s word does not change God’s faithfulness to His word. Our doubt can only increase our anxiety and pressure to stop following God. Yet, God will never fail. He will bring to pass every word that He has promised us.

Would you keep doubting or rather come to Him for protection? Would you keep doubting or rather hold unto this faithful God? Would you not just give up on doubting and hold unto this faithful God? He is ever faithful to His word. Jesus said that Heaven and Earth would disappear, but His words will never disappear. God’s word is the hope of the world. Hold unto His word, for He never fails!

There is peace in keeping and holding unto God’s word. Here is what the Bible says in Isaiah 26:6 You will keep in perfect peace, all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! When you hold unto God’s word, you will have peace. The best treatment for anxiety is holding unto God’s word. Let go of all your worries and fears by fixing your mind on the fact that God’s word never fails.

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