Psalms 92:1 It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High

Thanksgiving is a way to express appreciation or gratitude either to God or man. We could see this attitude in the life of King David from the anchor scripture. David excelled in all his work for he was a man after God’s heart.

Thanksgiving brings down the hands of God. Showing gratitude to God makes Him do greater things. When we pray, asking God for our needs, we pray to get things from Him but when we give praise, we are giving to God. It is a great thing to give thanks to the Lord. There is an adage that says “If you are thankful for the blessings of yesterday, you will get another blessing”.

Don’t be an ingrate, whatever little you\’ve got, appreciate it. Appreciate God for life, for the breath you have, for the ability in you, and for the privilege to remain alive in sound health and mind. Be thankful for those things that seem not right and for the blessings yet to come.

How do we give thanks to the Lord?
1. In songs, Isaiah 12v.5 says, praise the Lord in songs. In hymns, praises and worship.
2. Recognizing and sharing His goodness in your life.
3. Give thanks in prayers – prayers of thanksgiving.
4. Serving God wholeheartedly and serving others too.
5. Appreciating Him for the people around us and the community where we live.

In whatever situation you are, make it a habit to give thanks to God. Giving thanks to God is your gift to God as you expect more from Him.

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