Text – 1Chronicles 12:38

38 All these men came in battle array to Hebron with the single purpose of making David the king over all of Israel. In fact, everyone in Israel agreed that David should be their king.

The scripture passage in 1 Chronicles 12:38 lists different tribes of Israel who were ready to transfer the kingdom from Saul to David. These individuals had one heart and came to Hebron to make David the king. They were experts in their own right, with the children of Issachar understanding the times and what Israel ought to do, those of Zebulun and Dan being experts in war, and the descendants of Naphtali being skilled in handling shields and spears. They all came together in their thousands to accomplish God’s plan for David, and they were neither mischievous nor crafty about their mission. What is more, they stayed with David for three days, eating and drinking.


Having destiny helpers who will defy all odds to support us is a great blessing. Sometimes, when we face difficult situations, we might feel that God has abandoned us. However, if thousands of people from different tribes of Israel were willing to make David king, then surely God can draw people from any corner of the earth to come to our aid, as long as we are within the circle of His will. We should pray that He sends such help our way to enable us to accomplish His purpose.


Remember, God can use anybody to help somebody, and we should trust in His plan for our lives. Let us pray for destiny helpers to come to us in every area of our lives, to help us fulfill our divine destiny.

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