In Psalm 28:7, it is written that the Lord is our strength and shield. This verse reminds us that even in times of trouble and difficulty, we can trust in God and find help in Him. It can be hard to keep a positive attitude and be thankful when facing storms or problems, but it is important to remember that praising God can move His hand to work in our favour.

David is a great example of someone who never stopped praising God, even in the toughest of times. He knew that God was with him through thick and thin, and he never hesitated to give Him the glory. Job also showed us that even in the midst of great loss and pain, we can still find the strength to give God glory.

In Acts 16, Paul and Silas were severely beaten and jailed for their faith. Despite their circumstances, they chose to praise God through singing hymns. Their worship caught the attention of the other prisoners, who were then saved by their message of hope.

If you face challenges, persecution or storms, may you find the grace to praise God at this trying time. Remember, He is always faithful, even when we’re not.

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