It’s crucial for individuals working for an organization to meet job expectations and key performance indicators (KPIs). Similarly, when applying for jobs, reviewing the job description and requirements is essential to ensure a good fit. Failing to meet KPIs can result in losing one’s job while submitting an irrelevant resume for a data scientist position can lead to rejection. So,  every employee has a responsibility to please their employer. Likewise, you no longer have the right to live for yourself immediately after surrendering your life to Jesus’s Lordship. You live for him and not yourself.

Considering the expectations of the One who created us, it’s imperative to be even more diligent. We will be held accountable for our actions when we leave this earth. As mentioned in 2 Corinthians 5:15, Jesus died for us so that we would live for Him instead of ourselves.

To determine if you’re living for yourself, ask if you’re solely focused on your career, finances, relationships, etc., without seeking to know God or make Him known. God gives all good and beautiful things in life for the purpose of fulfilling His plan for us.  The ultimate divine plan is the reconciliation of the human race to God. The reconciliation of all people to the creator is the central theme of the Bible, and God wants us to partner with Him to accomplish this. Anything outside this purpose is self-centred living and will require an account before God’s judgment.

This message is meant to encourage us to live with purpose and actively contribute to God’s plan. While enjoying the good things in life, let’s keep the end goal in mind and fulfill our role in God’s plan.

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