Earlier this week, a friend sought my attention to share what he has been going through for a while. Since we are communicating via WhatsApp, I asked him to send a voice note. A few minutes later, I received his voice note and listened. It was a short voice note with a striking negative self-definition…

“I am frustrated! I have tried many things; they are not working, and it seems I don’t know what I am doing with my life, I am frustrated”.

I listened to this voice note over and over again…., about the six times the Holy Spirit ministered to me, saying: 

EVERYONE on Earth is divinely composed to fulfill a purpose. There is no one without a divine purpose. (Psalm 33:15, KJV)

For example, some people are made to solve medical problems; some provide technological solutions; some connect us more with God. We are all formed by God to solve the problems around us. What brings frustrations is when we only see the problems and do not see our inherent problem-solving grace. We are made to solve every problem; we are made to live as the solution the world ever desires. Therefore, we must ask ourselves, what is the problem I am divinely assigned to solve?

We have a purpose. We are called to fulfil a purpose. There is something divine in us to meet God’s master plan on Earth and solve humanity’s problems. One of the ways to understand our divine purpose is to look inward at our spiritual makeup. What are the special gifts and abilities divinely deposited in your life? Have you ever explored what God’s will for your life is?

God gives gifts/talents to men. We all have God’s talents in us. They are divinely deposited from our conception, and we are born with them. These gifts provide us with the purpose to live for and prevent living with frustration. They help us to produce Godly fruits.

What prevents us from seeing God’s gifts and blessings in us is Satan. The devil introduces SINS and made us believe the LIES of frustrations, dejections, hopelessness and disappointments. Sin separates us from the spirit of God and causes us to run away from the illuminating power of the Holy Spirit.

All thanks to God, who redeemed us from the power of sins. God delivers us when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour and gives us His Holy Spirit, the spirit of Truth. Through the Holy Spirit, we can see clearly what God has designed us to do and how we can successfully do them.

Therefore, we cannot be frustrated because we have in us the Spirit of the Living God. Our fulfilment comes from recognizing the divine nature and pursuing our God-given assignment.

Wait, are you still frustrated? I would not expect that word from you. However, you may not get it until you experience the salvation of JESUS through a total surrender of your life to Him. After you give your life to Jesus, the first miracle is that you become a new man (2Cor5:17). After that, you will see things from Christ’s perspective. Then, the light of Christ shines in you and overcomes all frustrating darkness. You will NEVER be FRUSTRATED but EVER be FRUITFUL!

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