John decided to buy a house in the city where he lived with his family. He checked several houses that have features and fixtures that he likes. However, he is unable to pick one because they are all expensive.

Jane has been looking to start up her restaurant business for years. However, all her efforts to set this up are in vain; she decided to give it up.

In other news, James has been struggling with a terminal disease for ten years. His doctors have given up on his case, and it seems there is nothing anyone can do to help the situation. He has exhausted his finances by consulting practitioners with no results.

In life, we are confronted with different circumstances and scenarios.  Looking at the stories above, we can see that the individuals lacked enough power, resources and wisdom to handle the situations that challenged them. Most of what we call impossible situations or difficult cases are linked to these three elements: power, wisdom, resources. If you have them, you can do almost anything in this world, which is why the people of the world strive to possess them.

In the book of Jeremiah 32:27, The Lord said that He is the God of all flesh and asked if there is anything too hard for him. We know that God can do all things or handle any difficult or impossible situation because He is the custodian of power, wisdom, and resources. Moreover, we can boldly say that the world was created and continues today by these three things. He has the power to heal you of that disease that doctors cannot cure and grant you victory over that situation that has lingered for so long. He also has the wisdom that can pull you out of financial crisis and instability. He knows how to untie the hard knot that you are unable to unravel. Finally, he also has all resources to provide all needs physical, spiritual and material.

Why do we think that so many things are impossible in our lives when we have the God of all possibilities as our father, who is the custodian of power, wisdom, and resources?

Jesus said in the book Mark 9:24, If thou canst believe, ALL things are possible to him that believeth. Hallelujah!

Therefore, to access possibilities in God, you must connect to the God of all possibilities by believing fully in Him. Many people know that God is powerful, but they are not sure if He can come through in their particular case. If we are not sure that God can heal that disease that the doctors have written off in our lives, or we still doubt that we can make any headway in the battles surrounding us now, then we will remain in the realm of impossibilities. When we believe in Him, who has all things in His hands, we begin to operate the way God operates and see results the way God sees them. Not only do they become possible to us, but they also become our realities.

No matter the situation that you are facing right now, have complete and unwavering faith in God so that you can access the power, wisdom and resources that you need to overcome. Of ourselves, we can do nothing, but with God, nothing shall be impossible.

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