Text: Acts.1:21-26.
Memory Verse: Act 1:26
Have you ever heard of Matthias? He is mentioned only in the Book of Acts, but he was actually a close companion of Jesus Christ from the time of John the Baptist. Despite this, Matthias was never mentioned in the Bible until one of the well-known disciples of Jesus fell from grace and needed to be replaced. It’s interesting to think about how someone who was so close to Jesus could go unnoticed for so long.

This story serves as a reminder that just because you may not be in the spotlight, it doesn’t mean that you are any less important. You may be faithfully serving God and doing great things, but if you are not careful, someone else may come along and replace you. It’s important to be humble, and faithful, and take great care of what is entrusted to you. Remember, no one is irreplaceable, and it is only by God’s grace that we are retained in our positions.

If you are struggling in an area of your life, whether it be your family, ministry, or personal life, it’s important to seek help and work on yourself. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you are replaced. Be conscious of the fact that replacements are always on standby and do everything possible to maintain and retain where God has placed you.

In your prayers, ask God to help you be aware of any errors that may lead to your replacement. Ask Him to help you maintain and retain your place before Him, and to never let you do anything that could warrant your replacement. Remember, God has chosen you for a purpose, and it’s up to you to fulfill that purpose with humility and faithfulness.

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