Ecclesiastes 7:19, 23-25

19Wisdom gives a wise person more protection than ten rulers in a city.

23-25I have examined all this by wisdom; I said, “I am determined to comprehend this” – but it was beyond my grasp. Whatever has happened is beyond human understanding; it is far deeper than anyone can fathom. True Righteousness and Wisdom are virtually nonexistent; I tried to understand, examine, and comprehend the role of wisdom in the scheme of things and to understand the stupidity of wickedness and the insanity of folly.

The promise and blessing of wisdom are beyond human reasoning.  God’s word infuses us with peace and truth – far better than the folly which the world offers.  Living in ignorance might seem easier in the moment, but the fruit of folly is painful and never delivers its promise.

Ecclesiastes 8:1 – Who is a wise person? Who knows the solution to a problem?  A person’s wisdom brightens his appearance and softens his harsh countenance. 

The Bible made clear the role of wisdom in our life. Wisdom forms the pillar of success in life. It helps us to solve problems. It gives us creative weapons to overcome life challenges. Wisdom is the principal thing! As you meditate on the power of wisdom, here are some ways to acquire God’s wisdom.

Desire wisdom: you have to acknowledge that you have no power of your own. Proverbs 3:13: Blessed is the man who finds wisdom and gains understanding. Ask God to help you as Solomon prayed unto God. God is the giver of wisdom. He gave it to Solomon when he asked; He will give it to you if you ask (James 1:5)

Let wisdom guide you –  In the multitude of counsel, there is wisdom. Proverbs 19:20: Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end, you will be wise. Surround yourself with wise counsel, wise people, wise books –  for all of these things are avenues of wisdom.

Trust God’s Wisdom and not Human Wisdom – human wisdom is deceptive. It is the wisdom of God that is truthful and trustworthy. Proverbs 3:7: Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil. Do not follow counsels that deviate you from the will of God. True wisdom is found in the word of God. Let the word of God guide your actions.

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