Patterns are repeated decorative designs that define an order or prototype. They are normative examples or codes of behaviour. Everything in life follows a pattern, as designed by God who created us in his image (Gen1:27). However, the devil can also make patterns in the lives of men in an evil way, perpetuating negative traits or genes from progenitors to offspring.

As a parent, have you noticed negative patterns in your children, such as habits, broken marriages, anger, infidelity, or hereditary sicknesses like diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, or untimely death? These patterns are established due to errors made by parents, curses in operation, or evil covenants entered into. If nothing is done, they will continue.

Now is the time to break the pattern. I decree that every evil pattern in your life shall be broken in Jesus’ name. As Psalm 40:7 states, everything we are supposed to become is written in the divine manual, and we are to follow the design just like Jesus followed the pattern written concerning him. Deviating from the divine pattern meant for our lives can result in disaster, as seen in Matthew 22:23-29, where a family followed the evil pattern of untimely death. To keep to God’s pattern for our lives, we must submit to God and follow his instructions. The scriptures in Isaiah 1:19 clearly advised us to be willing and obedient for us to eat the fruit of the land. Obedience is the key to maintaining God’s pattern for our lives while disobedience is the tool the devil uses to manipulate divine patterns for our lives.

I pray that the yoke of negative patterns is broken in your life right now in Jesus’ name. May the Lord grant you the grace to be Obedient and the power to break every ancestral negative patterns in Jesus name.

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