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The filthy me

Out of your filthiness will come the righteousness of God. Do not be discouraged, do not stay at the position, move up and turn to God. Your tomorrow is glorious.

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Finishing is Better than Starting

Remember, the race is not for the swift nor the battle to the strong. Keep looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. You’re not only going to finish the race, but you’ll finish strong.

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Don’t Limit God

When we choose to present ourselves to God by constantly fellowshipping with Him, refuse to conform to the lies and unbelief that fly around us, and renew our mind by meditating on His word, then we will see his power on full display in our lives.

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The will of God brings gladness and rejoicing of heart. It is full of freedom and liberty. The will of God sets you free from every sinful and worldly entanglement and gives you rest that cannot be perturbed.

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Your Journey

As we move on in the journey of life in this new year, we have confidence that God promises to be with us, and His angels are on assignment to protect us.

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The one who is really real

ut God has manifested Himself in countless ways for us to see Him. We see Him in nature, the trees, plants, waterfalls, river, sun, moon, snow, rain, stars, men, women, everywhere and everything.

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