Philippians 2:13
\”For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill His good purpose.\”

It is imperative to say that the strongest man on earth is extremely weak before God. We walk with God by God working through us! This is why the Bible confirms in 1 Samuel 2:9b that \”by strength shall no man prevail.\” God is glorified when His power is manifested even in our weakness. This is how He strengthens us. When we feel we\’re tired of this race, when challenges seem to overwhelm us, He works in us to have the will and act the way He desires, for our own good. Men who have walked with God for 50, 70, or even 100 years of their lives never did by their own strength. They would have fallen with their legs up without rising again. A man who walked steadily with God for three hundred years in the Bible, Enoch, couldn\’t have done that by his strength.

However, being weak and depending on God\’s strength sounds easy, but it\’s not. It is also not difficult. The human heart and mind are naturally proud, stubborn, and like to do what pleases the flesh. God would have to break us for Him to work through us. He has to work on the inside of us in order to work through us. Jesus instructs us to take up our \”cross daily and follow\” Him (Luke 9:23). Since it\’s a daily walk to eternity, He\’ll be patient with us every day. On our part, we must do the things that will help us align with the Holy Spirit. He will not always drag us. It takes our obedience, submission, love for God, etc., to accept His will and act on it.

As we surrender all to Him and withholding nothing, He gives us the grace to go deeper in Him. If we can walk with Him every day, we\’d see that we can achieve 365 days. If we keep on, it keeps counting until we\’re no more; because God taken us (Genesis 5:24).

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