My Soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death. Stay here and keep watch with me. Matthew 26: 38

There are different seasons in life. Many are good and some are not so good. Jesus was in a time in His life that was one of those seasons when trial was at its height. He was overwhelmed and he needed the support of His disciples. He knew what to do in times like that. It was to pray. Not to talk so much, or to drink the sorrow away, or to distract himself from the challenge. No! It was to talk to God about it.

Many times in life, we find ourselves in moments like this. And we have a great example from Jesus and an outright instruction from Him. Jesus understood it was a difficult time for Him and His disciples. Even in this moment, He gave us a recipe to handle moments such as this.


1. That your Spirit is willing but your flesh is weak Matthew 26: 40

This acknowledgement helps you to trust your instinct less. It helps you to not just talk as you feel or make decisions based on your flesh.

2. Temptations are close.

At your weak moments, the tempter tries to sneak on you, so as to do lasting harm. Watch!

3. It is a time you need support

Even Jesus at this time in His life asked for the prayers of the disciples. \”Can\’t you watch with me for one hour?\” Do not isolate your self or do it alone.


1. Pray

Jesus told his disciples to pray, lest they enter into temptations.

Prayer helps to fortify your spirit and strengthen your weak flesh.

Prayer helps you to see from God\’s point of view. \” Not my will but your will be done\” Matthew 26:42

Prayer helps you to surrender to God\’s will and shun distractions.

2. Be with brothers and sisters in Christ

Jesus did not walk it alone but was with His disciples in the process.

3. Remember God\’s promises and ruminate on His words.

At this time, Jesus also talked to His disciples about the fact that He will rise on the third day from the dead. Matthew 26: 32

As you go this week, remember that Jesus did it all for you and you have all it takes to face your challenge if you will watch with Him, He will take care of you.

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