“I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.” – Luke 5:32

There was a day I was studying the genealogy of Jesus the Messiah from Matthew chapter 1. I was touched by how merciful God is to have allowed Jesus to come out from the set of people that made up his descendant. Many of them were sinners, dirty and corrupt people who received forgiveness from God.

I specifically want to write about David and Bathsheba. Matt 1: 6. 2 Sam 11:2-4, 14-17,26-27; 2 Sam 12:24-25. One evening, David, who was supposed to be at work, was lazing around his house when he saw a woman who was bathing. He inquired about who she was, and he heard that she was married to a man called Uriah, one of his soldiers. Despite this, David refused to let go of his interest in this woman. He slept with her and killed her husband. He eventually married the woman. Nathan, a messenger of God, came to rebuke David for his atrocities. David asked God to forgive him, and he was forgiven. Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon, who became King after his father. He was blessed with riches and wisdom. From his generation came Jesus, our Saviour.

You are carrying something big in you. Your future is great. God loves you and has great plans for you. Many a time, we remember all our sins, and we feel they are too big to be pardoned by God. Allow him to transform your dirty past into a shining future. Let him showcase his lovingness through your life. Jesus did not come because of the righteous; he came for the sinners. Out of your filthiness will come the righteousness of God. Do not be discouraged, and do not stay in your sinful position, move up and turn to God. Your tomorrow is glorious.