Genesis 15:2 And Abram said, Lord GOD, what wilt thou give me, seeing I go childless, and the steward of my house is this Eliezer of Damascus?

Perhaps as you read this bible verse of the week, the message resonates in your heart that you are in similar shoes as Abraham. You may have been holding on to God’s promises but haven’t seen them fulfilled yet.

Some of us may say, “Lord, I have served You all my Life, and yes I have enjoyed Your Mercy, yes I have enjoyed Your Goodness, yes I have enjoyed divine provision, but this one thing I’ve been asking You for… when will it be? When will I have my spouse? When will I have my child? When will I get that financial breakthrough? When! When!! When!!!?”

Let us learn from the account of Father Abraham in his walk with God. Firstly, it’s not a sin to ask God such questions, He is our father, He loves us deeply, and He seeks intimacy with us. Secondly, He is not angry when we ask Him such questions, He understands us and wants us to be reassured of His promises.

If we read through the entire Genesis 15, we will see God’s reaction to Abraham’s question. God responded to him by confirming His promises for him with practical examples; such that after the conversation, Abraham believed God more.

Abraham held unto God’s promises every day until his death. He believed all that God said even when it did not seem realistic. He knew that God, who had said it, could do it. ( Romans 4: 19-22). In verse 22 of Romans, it was written that Abraham’s faith in God’s word was counted as righteousness.

Beloved, as we meditate on these scriptures for the week, let us hold on to the promises of God and believe them, for they will surely come through. Let us spend more time tarrying in God’s presence and receive a life-transforming vision for our lives. A daily devotion to prayer is a great strategy for pushing God’s promises to the point of their fulfilment. Let us not be slothful in physical and spiritual business but be fervent in the spirit (Romans 12:11). When we pray, we will receive a new vision and revelation just like Abraham. When the vision comes, write it down, and run with it for it shall surely come to pass. Hab 2:1 says the vision is for an appointed time; wait for it, it will SURELY speak, and it will not lie.

This year, God’s promise will speak for you. It spoke for Abraham; it will surely speak for you. Shalom!!

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