Rev 10:6 And swore by him who lives forever and ever, who created the heaven and everything in it and the earth and all that it contains and the sea and its inhabitants, that there should be no more delay.

Do you know the time? This is a question for everyone to answer. Lateness is a very dangerous thing in life. The most essential resource in life is time.  The usage of time determines the level of exploits and impact. One of the crucial issues in life is the consciousness that time is limited.

Eccl 3: 1, 11 There is a right time for everything: Everything is appropriate in its own time.

Everything on earth has a time limit. Nothing in life is forever except the words of Jesus Christ; every other thing will fade away.

You must understand God\’s program for your life and respond with a sense of urgency because time is passing away.

What has God instructed you to do? Do not delay. Do not procrastinate.

Write that book! Sing that song! Start that business! Go for that course! Sow that seed! Give your life to Christ! Be born again!

Do not be deceived; everything on earth will pass away. Grace will not be forever. The clock is ticking; give your life to Jesus Christ. Do not procrastinate!

Obey that instruction!  Rededicate your life now! Make that restitution!

Enter into God\’s plan for your life and fulfil it.

God bless you as you do.

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