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Our Way of Reaching Out To You

Abiola Adeyeye

While we can’t hasten God's timing, it is important we know that we can slow it down.

Iyiola Elufisan

Those who put their trust in God would surely be rescued from the storm.

Oluwanifemi Akomolafe
Esther Ademola

The only way to keep moving on in God and stay ahead of the Devil is by staying in line with God and doing His will.

Becky Thippy

Just before you tick, stop and rethink on the agreement, because oftentimes you are as guilty as the offender

Damilola Ilesanmi

You are whom God says you are!

Chigozie Chukwuka

Ministering unto the Lord is serving the Lord with a focus on his will and not just ours.

Funmilola Adewinle

Fornication is a grievous sin against God and your own body.