Every human being has blood that flows in their veins and arteries. The circulation is meant to continue without a break of the circuit. However, if there is a break in blood flow, the body and its organs are in trouble.

There was a woman that was bleeding consistently for 12 years. Everywhere she went, she was losing blood and needed to use the restroom to clean herself up periodically. Even though she did clean up, she lost a lot of blood per time, making her weaker. She sought all the medical help she could, yet she bled more. Then, one day she met Jesus. She had heard of all the great works of Jesus. So, she made up her mind to touch Jesus\’ garment. She did and was immediately made whole. Made whole means, she did not just stop bleeding; she got her life, vitality, and strength back.

A Christian with the investment of the grace of God, who is without fruits may be bleeding. You carry life just like blood does, yet you may be \”leaking blood\” if you are not life-giving. You get weak spiritually and find yourself slipping back into old sins. You may be bleeding without knowing. The woman knew she needed help. Is it possible that you are spiritually in the same situation and do not know you need help? Many a time, life oozes out of us. You may get tired of living, doing, working. You may not lose physical blood, but you lose virtues and spiritually get tired. 

What are the steps to wholeness?

Three steps to wholeness

  1. You need help: The woman with the issue of blood did not want to continue in the same way. She wanted a change in her life. She recognized her need for help. She wanted to be better, not just bigger. She asked for help. She did not want to look blessed; she wanted to be blessed, healed, and whole.
  2. She had faith in it and went all the way. She had faith that if she touched Jesus\’ garment, she would be made whole. She did and was made whole.
  3. She touched on grace. Jesus is the word of God that became flesh. The word of God is still available to make us all whole and stop every means of leak of life.

In any way you may need wholeness today, it is my prayer that same way Jesus made the woman with the issue of blood whole as recorded in the book of Matthew 9: 20-26, he will make you whole.  

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