Author page: Adeyemi Modupe Oluwayemisi


What exactly is the blessing that Psalm 1 spoke about? What are the goodness and the mercy of Psalm 23? What is the eternal life of John 3:16 in the face of all these?
The answer is found somewhere at the beginning where God told Abraham: I am your exceedingly great REWARD!

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You are not inferior

We live in a world in which almost anything can be compared relative to another. There is a fierce comparison among people of different race, social status, age, religion, culture, and the list is exhaustive. It seems comparison is the main reason why many people wallow in inferiority complex, knowingly or unknowingly.

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The Reputable Man

The mere fact that a man is moving around and seeing people, even believers who believe in him and his good deeds is not enough for evidence of life. He must be alive towards God or else he is a walking corpse. As good as it is to have a healthy societal reputation, it is of more importance to have a living name with God.

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