Author page: Unique Temitope Dairo


The SSURE PEACE is an all-round peace. It first comes as PEACE with GOD, whereby you are no longer condemned as a sinner, but free from the punishment of sins through the cleansing blood of JESUS. It proceeds with PEACE WITHIN, in which there is an inner feeling of peace without any fear irrespective of what is going on around you. Sure PEACE from Jesus also gives us the ability to live peacefully with people around us. Imagine a life full of PEACE and no worries or grudges! Only Christ Jesus can give SURE PEACE.

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Dream Again

How long have you waited that it seems as if you should throw in the towel and accuse God? Or have you started thinking of doing it your way having waited for these past years for that desire, dream, and petition to come to fulfillment without any result? Permit me to say that, now is not the time to let go. Rather, it is the time to hold on to God’s promises.

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The Crying Dead

Don’t wait until you are dead before you reset the essential step you ought to have taken while alive like the dead rich man who was begging for an opportunity to come back to recount his story. This day is your day of decision.

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