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The three verbs—walk, stand and sit— show the slippery slope of evil. Evil is not passive. It is ever descending. The longer you go, the worse you get. A pattern of evil choices causes a downward spiral in character that leads to destruction.

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Slaves of God

We are now new in Christ. We can no longer obey our fleshly lust or do things as it pleases us. We are now slaves, not of sin, but of God. That means that the way we gave ourselves freely to sin, we must give ourselves freely to righteous living.

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My True Love

Jesus told his disciples, All those who love me will do what I say. My father will love them, and we will come to them and live with them (John 14: 23). Your true love for Christ should be undiluted, undeniable, and inseparable. It is time to take loving actions and express our Love for God.

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In Time Of Crisis

Our first reaction in any difficult time can determine if we will overcome or not. Sometimes, we first allow our emotions have free rein in difficult times and God comes last. Little did we realize that putting God first and guarding our heart with the peace that comes from God is what prevent total defeat.

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