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Weekly devotional
Akinwale Akingbule

State of your Soul

Busy day, busy night, busy week. In all of your business, do not neglect your soul. Pay attention to the state of your soul. How do you do that? Learn more because there is nothing worth the exchange with your soul.

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Fasiku Oluwafolakemi


What are you seeing in that situation you are going through?
Will you need to change your association or your environment?

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Chigozie Chukwuka

The Master Plan

God knew that it is impossible for us to be like Him outside of Him, therefore He decided to live in us so that we can live in Him. Hallelujah!

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Weekly devotional
Olatunde Temitope

Bad Mirror

God does not want you to be a bad mirror. The more you stay in the presence of God, meditate daily on His Word, the more you will reflect the good image of Christ.

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